Oxford University, May 2016 ‘The Return of Geopolitics?’: The Dasturzada Dr Jal Pavry Memorial Lecture and Panels

University of Catania, EUMedEA Crash Course, July 2016: Crisis at EU borders

Global Minority Rights Summer School Lecture (Budapest): Changing Boundaries in Europe: a Critical Assessment of the Geopolitical Perspective

Goethe University, Frankfurt, Lecture Series “Theorizing Global Order”: The International in Security

King’s College London, War Studies Podcast, ‘The International in Security, Security in the International’

Talk at SAIS Europe, The Johns Hopkins University, ‘AKP’s “New Geographic Imagination” and Turkey’s “Foreign” Policies’, Bologna, Italy, 27 February 2014

Theory Talk  ‘Non-Western IR, Hybridity, and the One-Toothed Monster called Civilization’

BU Library Lunchtime Seminar, International Relations in a Changing World